Christopher Fusco

Christopher Fusco

We have used them twice – I genuinely like the doors they have installed, which is the reason for any stars in this review, but the poor customer service and careless installation process fell well short of expectations for several reasons: (1) Lead times – we were quoted 8-13 weeks and it ended up being 29 weeks. At no point during the wait period did they reach out to provide an update on timing. We reached out after roughly 20 weeks and received a generic response on glass supplier wait times, which they would have known when they provided our quote (I referred them to a family member in between our first and second time using Prestige and they had the same experience i.e. long wait times and no communication, explanation of extended glass supply times). (2) Miscues / carelessness during installation – They started our install on a Friday, and asked to come back on Saturday to finish. We let them know we would be out of town, and he said the office would reach out to schedule a time to finish. Nobody reached out, then Monday morning when we were still out of town they showed up at the house, at which point I gave them the garage code and let them enter. I came back home that evening to find black spray paint speckles all over our new wood floor, and the trim around the door was a completely different color than what it should have been. Wrong trim paint is one thing but to not cover the floor when spraying black spray paint indoors is incredibly careless, especially when the homeowner had provided furniture pads to cover the floors. The only way to get it out was to pick it out at the expense of the clearcoat

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